Today, buyers in every manufacturing sector tend to carry out online research first before contacting potential suppliers. That means that your website needs to be on point, up to date, and optimised to encourage website visitors to get in touch. In other words, if your website isn’t generating leads, it isn’t doing its job properly, and you could be missing out on valuable revenue.

It is no longer sufficient for a manufacturers website to simply just contain a brief description of your company and your contact details. It needs to include all the information that a potential customer could be looking for when searching on Google for a specific question.

Buyers won't even be able to find your website if it doesn't appear on the first pages of search engines, such as Google, when they enter relevant terms. Therefore, your site also needs to be optimised for search. Website design and search engine optimisation are extremely specialist areas of marketing, so you'll need to obtain expert advice.


What you need to think about

When designing a website for your manufacturing business, you should make sure that it:

✓ Has an appealing and contemporary design;
✓ Is user-friendly and easy to navigate;
✓ Features engaging and relevant content, including downloadable materials, such as brochures, product catalogues, and guides;
✓ Is optimised for search engines;
✓ Has clear calls to action and accessible contact forms on every page;
✓ Includes an online store, if appropriate;
✓ Is accessible to mobile users – and looks good on all screen sizes;
✓ Is cyber-secure;
✓ Is integrated with an analytics package so you can monitor where your visitors come from, which pages are most popular, and              what content is accessed most frequently.

It's also important to keep your site up to date. If you neglect it, prospects may assume you’ve gone out of business. Not only will potential buyers be more likely to go to your competitors without even sending you a message, but your performance in the search engine results pages (SERPs) will suffer, making it harder for you to attract new customers.


How We can help you transform your website into a powerful lead generation machine

Your website will be your online shop window, to the World, but it should also be the focal point of your digital marketing plan. You can use it to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to spend more. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that every element of it is as well-designed as possible.

We can help you to upgrade your existing website, or build a brand new one, and use it as the hub of a wider digital marketing strategy, so you can generate high-quality online leads and sales. Contact us today to discover more.

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