A tailored marketing strategy – with proven tactics that are designed to work for businesses in the manufacturing sector – is the key to making more sales, reducing your acquisition costs, and making your business more streamlined and productive. It doesn't matter how good your product or service is if nobody knows about it – and the only way to promote your business successfully is to have a cohesive marketing strategy in place. We can help you to create one so you can stop being "the best kept secret in the market" and become one of its leading lights instead.

Why you need a bespoke marketing strategy tailored for your sector

Failing to take marketing seriously can have a devastating impact on your firm. You may be missing out on lucrative business opportunities and wasting your hard-earned cash on poorly designed campaigns.

Equally, many of the marketing tactics that work well in some sectors fall flat in the manufacturing industry, so a bespoke and tailored approach is essential. If you want your company to thrive, you'll need to design and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy that matches your operational goals and sales targets – and review it regularly. What's more, every aspect of your plan should be delivered by people with appropriate expertise.

On your side to help you grow your business and close more sales

There is no point investing money in marketing if it isn’t going to make you money. As a qualified and experienced senior marketing advisor, Carl Jarvis has the skills and knowledge to help you to assess your current performance and develop a cash-focused marketing strategy that delivers more sales and more revenues.


Marketing audits

Most businesses have some kind of ‘marketing and sales’ strategy in place, but is it working, or is it costing you more than it brings in? The way to tell is to carry out a marketing audit.

We can conduct a marketing audit to find out how well your current tactics are working, which ones are okay but could be doing better, and which ones are a waste of time. We'll use this data, together with information about your business and the wider industry, to provide you with strategic recommendations. This will show you the changes you need to make to get a better return on your marketing spend, getting more customers for less money, and wasting less time chasing leads who aren’t interested.

Tailored marketing strategies for manufacturing businesses

If you want to promote your company and its products or services successfully, you'll need to know:

✓ Where you are within the market;
✓ Where you want to be in the future;
✓ Who your dream customers are;
✓ Where to find those potential customers;
✓ How to persuade them to buy from you;
✓ What the future of the industry could hold;
✓ How you can meet your customers’ changing needs.

We can help you to answer these questions and develop a personalised marketing strategy so you can meet your business goals.

We'll also show you how to use your new strategy to inform your tactical marketing activities, so they'll yield optimal results.


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