"Marketing For Manufacturers...Why 80% of Small to Mid-Size Manufacturers Mismanage Their Marketing & What To Do About It!"     By – Carl Jarvis

Are you looking for a series of powerful marketing breakthroughs for your manufacturing business?

If so, ‘Marketing for Manufacturers’ is written specifically for you.

If you’re interested in winning new orders, want new customers, more sales, proven marketing methods, and to learn how to avoid numerous costly marketing pitfalls and mistakes, reading ‘Marketing for Manufacturers’ will give you a series of actionable marketing strategies you can implement in your manufacturing business today!

Since 1999, Senior Marketing Advisor, Carl Jarvis, has specialised in advising SME manufacturing businesses, like yours, with increasing your sales and revenues, maximising your profitability, reducing your marketing costs, increasing your customers, developing more cost-effective sales and marketing approaches, and strengthening your business development activities.

This book will show you exactly how it’s done!

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