Your online presence is only as strong as the content you publish online – on your website, your blog, your social media accounts, and industry platforms. Your manufacturing company will need to thoroughly embrace content and social media marketing if you want to keep up with your competitors, and stand the best chance of making sales online. However, putting out old content simply to appear active is a waste of your time and that of your customers. Your content strategy has to be tailored to the needs of your sector and, most importantly, to the questions and concerns of your target buyers at each stage of the buyer journey.

We can help you create compelling content that generates leads and converts customers – and that helps build your business a better and more powerful presence online. Your marketing content can be used to attract new customers and engage their interest while keeping your acquisition costs low.


content marketing for manufacturers

When we talk about content marketing, we mean the creation and distribution of a wide array of content designed to promote your business or its products to a wider audience. The types of content used can include:

✓ Website content;
✓ Blog posts;
✓ Infographics;
✓ White papers;
✓ E-books;
✓ Videos and vlogs;
✓ Podcasts;
✓ Quizzes and surveys;
✓ Webinars;
✓ Case studies and testimonials.

For manufacturing businesses, marketing content has to be written to meet the expectations and requirements of buyers in the manufacturing sector, which is why we strongly recommend talking to a marketing for manufacturers expert before creating content.


social media marketing for manufacturing companies

Today's B2B buyers are doing more and more business online, and spending more time networking with suppliers and customers on Facebook and LinkedIn. Therefore, having a strong presence on social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn, is a must for any manufacturer who wants to maximise profits and build a prospect network – especially in the absence of face-to-face trade events. Creating and posting engaging social media content could help you to:

✓ Build awareness of your brand;
✓ Promote specific products and services;
✓ Distribute your marketing content;
✓ Engage with existing and potential clients;
✓ Carry out customer research;
✓ Position your company as an industry leader.

why do you need content and social media marketing?

Engaging in content and social media marketing could benefit your manufacturing company in several ways. For example, it could help you to:

✓ Attract more people to your website and generate more            leads;
✓ Persuade more leads to become customers;
✓ Retain more of your existing customers;
✓ Make better use of your customer database;
✓ Reduce your acquisition costs;
✓ Boost your position in the search engine results pages                (SERPS).
✓ Become thought leaders in the manufacturing industry.

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how we can help

We can help you to create meaningful and relevant content so you can promote your manufacturing company in a cost-effective way and convert interested leads into paying customers. We'll advise you about which content types and social media platforms to use in order to reach and engage with your dream customers.

But it's not just advice, we can then deliver the strategy for you. Our team can manage your social media accounts, and produce the content for you.

We'll then track and analyse your results, to continuously improve your strategy. Please get in touch to find out more.

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